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Aristeia by Wayne Basta

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Aristeia: A Little Rebellion
Unlike her brother, Saracasi Ocaitchi has always known that her loyalties belong to the ideals of freedom and democracy, not the government of the Alliance, and that protecting those ideals would require a fight. But now that the rebellion she has dreamed about has finally begun, she must come to terms with what that truly means: for herself, for her brother, and for all of the people who will die in the coming war.

The second novel in the Aristeia Series by Wayne Basta. Available June 1, 2012.

You can visit the authors website at for more information and to enter a contest to win FREE books.

You can find the first book, Aristeia: Revolutionary Right on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo in ebook, paperback and hardback.

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Links to the first book in the series
Aristeia: Revolutionary Right

Links to the new book will be included when they become available.
Aristeia: A Little Rebellion
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About the Series

Aristeia (Greek): is a scene in the dramatic conventions of such works as the Iliad in which a hero in battle has his finest moments

The main inspiration for much of my writing comes from my love of history. In this case, the American Revolution. One thing that fascinates me about history is the difference between actual events and the common perception of the story. Here in the US, the Founding Fathers who participated in the war are larger than life heroes. In reality, they were just ordinary men in an extraordinary time; flaws and all. This in no means diminishes their accomplishments, but instead raises them up from caricatures of ideals to genuine people.

When writing Revolutionary Right, I set out to combine that flawed aspect of historical heroes with the concept of aristeia; and to tie them together in a fun space adventure setting. This book follows Maarkean Ocaitchi as he goes from a man down on his luck but still loyal to the Alliance to a man the galaxy at large perceives as a heroic revolutionary leader. Throughout the book he faces his aristeia moment while his loyalty is torn between his government, his family and his beliefs. In the end, he has to decide if he is the traitor he thinks he is, or the hero everyone else says he is.

In this new book, A Little Rebellion, Maarkean has made his decision about where his loyalties lie. This book moves to follow his sister Saracasi, as fate moves her toward her moment and she has to decide what kind of person she wants to be; the peaceful idealist or the fiery revolutionary.

While each book heavily features one characters aristeia moment and follows their personal journey, the books include a wide array of interesting characters. No hero is ever alone on their journey and no revolution is ever won by one person. It takes a large swell of people, each with their own unique story to tell.

Book Blurbs

Aristeia: Revolutionary Right
The Alliance has always stood for freedom and democracy, but after winning control of the planets of the Confederacy, the Alliance’s vaunted principles have become secondary to its security. Disillusioned with the Alliance and its subjugation of its citizens, Maarkean, a former naval pilot and supporter of the Alliance, has become a smuggler. Despite the conditions he survives under, he nevertheless refuses to believe his sister’s notion that the whole system is corrupt… until she is arrested and jailed as a traitor.
Now, Maarkean must decide where his loyalty lies, and will either spark a rebellion or crush the spirit of democracy once and for all.
Written in the spirit of heroic space adventure, Aristeia; Revolutionary Right is the first book in a series that explores the essence of resistance, loyalty and friendship.

Aristeia: A Little Rebellion
Unlike her brother, Saracasi Ocaitchi has always known that her loyalties belong to the ideals of freedom and democracy, not the government of the Alliance, and that protecting those ideals would require a fight. But now that the rebellion she has dreamed about has finally begun, she must come to terms with what that truly means: for herself, for her brother, and for all of the people who will die in the coming war.

Author Bio

As a child, Wayne Basta was introduced to science fiction at a young age by his father. Mainstream hits like Star Trek and Star Wars were followed by old Tom Swift novels and then classics like Asimov and Clarke. Growing up on Florida's space coast only served to fuel his imagination and love of space, science and adventure.
At the age of 9, his family got their first home computer, an old Macintosh Plus, and he immediately used it to start writing science fiction adventure stories. He continued writing as a hobby all the way through college at the University of Florida, where he initially pursued a career in the US Navy until an injury changed his plans. Wayne then spent several years teaching high school and working in the education non-profit sector before coming back to his old dream of writing.
Wayne currently lives in Houston with his wife, son, and dog. He remains a fan of geek culture, board games, video games, fantasy, science fiction and all around silliness.

Aristeia: A Little Rebellion Pre-Release Contest

From now until June 15th, I will be running a contest in which you can win the following:
1.               My publisher, Grey Gecko Press, has offered to contribute a hardback copy of every book currently in publication (Dying of the Light: End, Aristeia: Revolutionary Right, Aristeia: A Little Rebellion, A Fancy Dinner Party)
2.               A signed hardback copy of both Aristeia: Revolutionary Right and Aristeia: A Little Rebellion.
3.               A signed hardback copy of Aristeia: A Little Rebellion
4.               A signed paperback copy
5.               An ebook copy
6.               An ebook copy of my short stories “Lonesome” and “Peace Meal”

Winners will be chosen via random drawing from among all participants. How can you enter, you ask? There are several ways. For each of the following that you do, you will be entered into the drawing.  You can enter as many times as you like.
·                  Leave a relevant comment on my blog ( during the remainder of the contest. That’s it, make a comment that contributes to a day’s given blog discussion and you’re entered. (No spam posts you dirty spammers)
·                  Participate in the Aristeia Blog Tour.  This will net you 5 entries.
·                  Participate in the Pre-Launch Purchase Blitz. This will net you 5 entries.
·                  Tweet about the book to your friends on Twitter. Use the hashtag #Aristeia.  (Max 5 Tweets over the contests run per entry, I don’t want to be the cause of Twitter Spam. But you also one entry per retweet your tweet gets)

Character Bio's

Here is a brief bit of information about the 6 POV characters from "A Little Rebellion"

Maarkean Ocaitchi
  • Pronounced: Mar-Keen O-Kate-Chi
  • Braz male from clan Ocait
    • 39 galactic years old
    • Originally from Omara, Braz
  • Maarkean joined the Alliance military during the Great Colonial War. He flew star fighters until the end of the war, serving with distinction. After the war, he married his college sweetheart, Eyris and continued his naval career by becoming an officer. He lived happily until his parents and wife were killed in a tragic vehicle accident. His only remaining family was his kid sister, Saracasi, who he now had to raise. Continuing to serve in the reserves, Maarkean bought a used ship, the Cutty Sark, and began running freight in system, a job that kept him closer to home than the military. When Saracasi ran into trouble with the law, he got her off world to keep her from prison. In the colonial sectors, he began picking up trade as a smuggler when he couldn't find legitimate cargo jobs.

Saracasi Ocaitchi
  • Pronounced: Sarah-Cassie O-Kate-Chi
  • Braz female of the clan Ocait.
    • 27 galactic years old
    • Originally from Omara, Braz
  • After her parents were killed and she began being raised by her highly patriotic brother, Saracasi began to show signs of a rebellious nature in her teens. This streak was mostly kept in check until she began her university years. Even though she pursued a study in starship engineering, a track that left little time for anything other than studying, Saracasi became involved in student run dissident groups. Dissatisfied with the way the Alliance oppressed the people of the colonial sectors and held a tight reign on the media, these groups staged protests and other activism. Labeled as traitors and subversives by the government, Saracasi avoided imprisonment only with the help of her brother.

Zeric Dustlighter
  • Terran male
    • 36 galactic years old
    • Originally from Chicago, Terra
  • Born on Terra to a poor family, Zeric joined the Alliance marines at a young age in order to see the galaxy, despite the Alliance being embroiled in a terrible war with the Confederacy. He found a natural talent for warfare, rising as high as corporal in charge of a squad. When the Alliance drew down it's forces after the war, Zeric was one of the many discharged. Having no skills other than fighting, Zeric began working for the mercenary company, Ice.  After a disagreement with one of their groups employers, Zeric was expelled from the company; by being marooned on a small moon with little air. Rescued by a pair of ship thieves, Gu'od and Gamaly Dos'redna, Zeric joined their trade.

Solyss Novastar
  • Pronounced: Saul-Iss Novastar
  • Terran male
    • 44 galactic years old
    • Originally from Tokyo, Terra
  • The son of the wealthy Novastar family, Solyss grew up hearing about the heroic exploits of his ancestor, Mace, who bravely fought during the Kravic Invasion. As was expected of him, Solyss served in the family company for many years, marrying and producing an heir, his daughter Miaya.  But when he committed the grievous act of voicing dissent with Alliance policy, his father did the only politically expedient thing, sending Solyss away from Terra out to the colonial sectors. He was given a ship, the Chimopori, but forced to leave his daughter behind, to be raised like a proper lady, by her grand parents.

  • Pronounced: Lah-Kah-Baa
  • Kowwok male
    • 37 galactic years old
    • Originally from Chuthor, Sulas
  • Lahkaba's family managed to leave their homeworld of Kowwa and escape the oppression of the Dotran Confederacy before the Kowwok Emigration laws were enacted. Growing up free from Dotran oppression, Lahkaba never fully understand what his people faced back home. When the Great Colonial War began, like all Kowwok's of his age in the sector, Lahkaba was drafted to fight by the Confederacy. Violence was an abhorrent tenant to most Kowwok's, who felt it was a betrayal of their Great One's teachings; a philosophy Lahkaba's family did not practice. After the war, and the Alliance gained control of his world of Sulas, Lahkaba became involved in politics, speaking out against the harsh treatment of aliens.

Katerina Sartori
  • Terran female
    • 70 galactic years old
    • Originally from Minsk, Terra
  • Katerina Sartori spent her entire adult life in the Alliance navy. Achieving the first flag rank of commodore just before the Great Colonial War broke out, Sartori distinguished herself many times during the war. Her task group achieved more victories against the Confederacy than any other. This led to her status as a hero among the military personnel, and someone to be feared by the Confederacy. She continued to serve, reaching command of the entire 2nd Fleet. Just before retirement, Alliance command has come to her for one more mission.

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