Saturday, May 26, 2012

Indie Authors

It seems a book critic from one of the big newspapers has been wishing that Indie Authors would go away because they are all awful. Charming.
If we took the advice of critics what would we be left with? Empty movie theaters. Modernist Art that only a critic could like. Overpriced restaurants that leave you hungry and broke. Live theater that makes you yawn. No amateur productions of anything. Opera that only the 1% can go to. Nothing on the television to watch. Classical music only. A lot of books with nice covers but no story. No affordable cars.
I think that somewhere along the line, these critics lose all affinity with us normal folk. I don't watch the Oscars anymore because most of the movies that win I haven't seen. They're boring and they bomb at the box office. I see practically empty canvasses or junk that sell for millions. I'm sorry, you can talk your gibberish but anyone can throw paint. Really. You push wine that sells for hundreds a bottle. You can buy wine for $10 that is as good. The restaurants I go to I enjoy with millions of others. They never get good reviews but they are packed. I pick up many a book in a bookstore because it has good reviews and can't get beyond the first page. You publicly humiliate women because you don't like her dress or say she is overweight.
Whenever anyone has the gall to actually criticize a critic, you don't like it and start name calling. Usually this is in reference to our education and upbringing.
I think its time all critics took a reality check. In my humble opinion, you've all lost it.

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